How virtual reality technology increases enlightenment

Published on December 23rd, 2018 by Debi Christensen

Virtual reality technology  transforms the way people learn.

Already, many organizations and businesses rely on VR training. Virtual simulations let college and pro athletes kick hundreds of field goals without ever touching a football. They never even stand on turf. Walmart store associates practice using new equipment before it’s installed in their stores.

Driver Jann Mardenborough trained with virtual reality to drive for Nissan in Le Mans. He had never driven on a real course.

And the point?

VR users can learn new skills. In addition, they can learn anything with virtual reality, from reading gauges to reading emotions. Virtual reality technology can also teach spiritual enlightenment.

Consciousness as a result of virtual reality technology

It’s long been said that your environment determines your consciousness.

After all, we are who we are as a result of where we are. Whatever environment we grow up in is the one that determines our consciousness. To change our mindsets, we need only change our environments.

Orpheus Technodelics is one company that is already doing that.


Under the direction of developer Robin Arnott, the company has published a collection of “digital psychedelics.” These  tech-based classes are designed to deepen thinking practices. In fact, the VR courses encourage the application of creative and performing arts, combined with meditation. The result?

Altered consciousness.

According to the company, you can improve your consciousness through self-care entertainment. You’ll improve your health and well-being.

Scientists are already weighing in

The idea of mapping and altering consciousness isn’t new.

Scientists and researchers have long explored the cognitive process. In the past, they used a variety of mind-altering triggers like strobe lights and psychedelic drugs in an effort to manipulate the brain.

For example, University of Sussex researcher Anil Seth also manipulates cognitive brain activity by immersing subjects in virtual simulations. Seth has identified virtual reality technology as a “gamechanger.” VR helps scientists  understand brain function and consciousness.



Virtual reality technology places participants in a world that is authentically real. They interact with their new environments. Scientists observe and record user reactions to better understand the cognitive thought process. Consequently, Seth uses three experiments to measure reaction. These are simulations called unreliable objects, hallucinations, and the rubber hand.The scenario designs alter reality and measure the participant’s response to stimuli in a virtual world.

Furthermore, Seth anticipates exponential growth field of neuroscience as we continue to learn about cognitive thought and consciousness. He predicts that this research will lead to further implications about training in other industries.

Religion and technology: a match made in heaven?

VR users are finding spiritual enlightenment in alternative ways, including through virtual reality technology.

Spiritual training is made available through a variety of virtual reality platforms. Users seeking to learn more about the Bible and God’s teachings can do so with software like VR Bible. The simulations include teachings from various books of the Bible, the psalms, and the beatitudes.


Wearing an Oculus Rift headset, Reverend  D. J. Soto greets parishioners who have arrived for services at his church. AltSpaceVR allows his participants to create an avatar and attend church services. Afterward, they enjoy fellowship with others and engage in Bible study with fellow congregants.

Many other churches have followed suit.  They also incorporate virtual reality technology for their services.

Raised consciousness and spiritual enlightenment are just the beginning of the training available in this field. Virtual reality technology visionary Marshall Luhan knows that spiritual enlightenment through VR isn’t a faraway dream.

It’s here now.

How are you taking advantage of these simulated opportunities for spiritual enlightenment?