Oculus Quest VR inspires authentic training

Published on November 3rd, 2018 by Debi Christensen

Oculus Quest VR is about to up-end your virtual reality world.

Businesses find virtual reality training attractive. It hints at unlimited possibilities in immersive training because it can provide realistic experiences. Employees can operate equipment, learn procedures, and interact with customers. Your business production doesn’t have to stop while your train your people.

Many companies, however, hesitate to explore training opportunities because of the cost. It’s tech, so it’s expensive, right? You need additional devices that work in tandem with the headsets. Someone has to set everything up. The work appears more complicated than it should be.

Oculus Quest VR, the all-in-one headset system, will make employee training more authentic.

Virtual reality is about the experience. No one wants tangles of wires getting in their way while immersed in a simulation. The new Oculus Quest will keep you present and engaged, with nothing holding you back.

By going wireless, wearers have none of the usual distractions that constrain them and prevent them from total immersion.

Meet Oculus Quest VR

The Oculus Quest 6DOF All-in-One VR System will revolutionize VR adoption with its improved features.


The standalone Oculus Quest VR system, which will launch in Spring 2019, is the first of its kind. You can expect that Oculus Quest will:

  • Eliminate the need for additional tech, such as a PC or smartphone
  • Track up to 4,000 square-feet
  • Support hand movements
  • Offer 50+ compatible titles, including a new VR Star Wars series
  • Display 1600×1440 resolution per eye
  • Deliver improved audio with deeper bass
  • Cost $399, or approximately £305

At a cost of $399 USD, the Oculus Quest headset is less expensive than most other systems. The controllers are included with the headset. Because it’s a stand-alone device, it’s also easier to set up and use than the Rift or Vive. The Oculus Quest needs no PC or smartphone.

It’s the ultimate training system.

Better than the Oculus Go?

Hands down, yes.

If you’re like many people, you use your hands for almost everything. That includes interacting with objects at work and communicating with others. It’s difficult to work or talk without our hands.

First generation VR headsets limited hand gestures and movements. Oculus Quest include two controllers that have six degrees of freedom. The increased range of motion allows for more interactive movements than headsets and controllers of the past. In addition, four ultra-wide sensors map the simulated environment. They place you into the action, so that you are ready to respond to anything the simulation throws at you.

Many people prefer the Rift because of its powerful graphics, but you can expect Oculus Quest to have a clear advantage. The standalone Oculus Quest headset doesn’t need a PC to run the software. It’s a far better training option than either the Rift or Vive headsets.

Implications for the VR training landscape

Oculus Quest VR will be the game-changer that industry leaders are looking for when it comes to training. There are several benefits besides the cost of adopting Oculus Quest as your preferred training technology.


First, the elimination of wires will provide a more immersive experience for trainees. Losing the cables makes the training seem more authentic. With Oculus Quest, there are no limitations to what users can do and where they can be.

One of the other complaints with virtual reality headsets has been the lag time between what you see and do. Oculus Quest VR corrects that with Oculus Insight, a technology that provides “inside-out” tracking capabilities. Users will experience real-time sensibilities that allow them to act and react naturally during simulations.

Finally, Oculus Quest promises more comfort. Users will find that it’s easier to wear the headset, and that can make a difference in training.

You can count on Oculus Quest to revolutionize not only the VR industry but also the way you train. With Oculus Quest VR, you’ll now have the have the headset you need for authentic VR training.