Virtual reality training companies that amaze their clients

Published on October 27th, 2018 by Debi Christensen

Virtual reality training companies are a resource your business can’t afford to ignore.

You’d  like to roll out live training programs for your employees. However, it’s not always feasible. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice to onboard or retrain your staff.



Virtual reality training companies can train for you. They are already doing it for other companies.

Businesses rely on virtual reality training companies

Virtual reality training isn’t only for a handful of industries. Many businesses have partnered with virtual reality companies to make training more effective. Here are just a few.


Verizon understands that being a technician isn’t an easy job. Techs have to know how to repair non-functioning communication equipment,. The also encounter unusual situations. Techs find themselves working inside utility holes and from buckets suspended in the air. Those environments can slow down repairs. They halt communication services, which makes for a poor consumer experience.

To better serve consumers, Verizon turned to virtual reality training to increase operational readiness.


What do Chipotle Mexican Grill, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Honeygrow have in common? First, they create a fun training environment. Second, they work with virtual reality training companies to teach company culture and onboard new employees.



Virtual reality training is one of the most effective ways to show new hires what to do in their jobs. VR training improves efficacy. It also ensures brand consistency across the organization.

Law Enforcement

Imagine standing in the middle of a scene that rapidly transforms into an active shooter situation. Do you shoot or not shoot? You have a less than a second to decide.

Law enforcement training often relies on discussions to provide response training. What if, however, officers could physically experience active shooter scenes? What if those scenes included drunks, screaming bystanders, and defiant shooters? Now 300-degree screen visuals, floor vibrations, and sound, virtual training provide a realistic training experience.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the LA County Sheriff’s Department both rely on simulated scenarios to train their officers.


One of the largest retailers to rely on virtual reality training companies is Walmart. They aren’t alone. Lowe’s, too, has discovered the potential for scaling training initiatives. Using VR technology, the retailer can push training out to thousands of employees. It’s  far quicker than traditional training methods.

Virtual reality training companies that offer solutions

What’s next when you’re ready to embrace virtual reality training for your employees? It’s time to find a virtual reality training company that can help you achieve your vision.


First, Strivr is one of the most well-known virtual reality training companies. Founded by a former football coach, Strivr creates training simulations for Walmart, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Verizon, to name a few. Moreover, they train football players with virtual reality, too.

The goal at Strivr is empowerment, and they use VR technology to make it happen. They understand the science of learning. They also know what it takes to elevate human performance. That has catapulted them into the forefront of VR training.

Klip Collective

Second, virtual reality training companies like Klip Collective worked with Honeygrow to develop videos and interactive screens that taught employees about working in the restaurant. By using a variety of apps, Adobe Premier software, and Oculus Gear headsets, they produced material that consistently could train employees at any location.


Third, VirTra focuses on two areas: de-escalation training and judgmental use of force. They are in a league of their own when it comes to virtual reality training companies. Their niche lies in realistic “use of force firearms training” for law enforcement and military personnel. VirTra offers multiple options for immersive training.



Also, VirTra offers intensive coursework that fully integrates with their virtual reality training.

Virtual reality training companies produce authentic and immersive training. This training creates a total sensory experience for your employees. It improves job performance and strengthens your brand. Strivr, Klip Collective, and VirTra are just a few of the innovative designers ready to help you with your VR training needs.