Vruzz.com is the best Virtual Reality Advertising Platform

Published on April 16th, 2019 by Baptiste Gr.

Hello everyone,

If you are in the virtual reality app development business you must know that finding the correct revenue model is tricky. You can decide to:

  • Sell your app for a fixed price and hope for a massive success like Beat Saber or Superhot
  • Or you can share your app for free and sell additional content as in-app purchases

For the first option you must create a really high quality game with strong marketing materials that will allow you to generate enough sales to cover your development costs. The second option can be an interesting choice if you want more users to test your app, they can then decide to acquire some of your paid content if they like your app.

There isn’t one best revenue model so far in the VR industry, some games performed really well as paid games (Beat Saber or Superhot or great examples) and other apps managed to attract a massive amount of users¬† by having a free app with paid content (the Unimersiv¬†educational app did that at some point and managed to attract hundreds of thousands of users).

Developers will be excited to learn that there is now a third revenue model possible in VR, ads. Vruzz.com is the first Advertising Platform for the Virtual Reality industry, you can use their platform to create ads that will be targeting exclusively users in VR. To benefit from the VR aspect, ads are displayed in 3d with two layers of separate images.

This new technology can be incredibly useful for VR developers who want to monetize their free VR app as well for the ones who want to spread the word about their VR app. We are excited to see how vruzz will evolve in the coming months!